PM says Georgian army deserves best
PM says Georgian army deserves best

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Sunday said “The Georgian army is a strong pillar, the key guarantor of the protection of our country’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

In his address to the event dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the Georgian Defense Forces in Vaziani, the PM went on to say that “The Georgian army deserves all the best; it is our duty to appreciate your merits and honorable service as much as possible.”

Garibashvili expressed gratitude to the military for their “dedication and loyal service to the motherland.”

“We continue developing our defense capabilities as per the long-term plan. We continue the process of transforming the defense forces, and I believe our army will become even stronger.

Today, I’d want to thank our foreign allies, the United States, NATO member states, and everyone who has helped and continues to assist strengthen our Georgian army,” he said.