MEP Kaljurand to Georgian politicians: Please, be above your party interests
MEP Kaljurand to Georgian politicians: Please, be above your party interests

European Parliament member Marina Kaljurand on Wednesday called on the Georgian political parties to join the working groups on the European Council’s recommendations that could pave Georgia’s way to the EU candidate status, if met.

MEP Kaljurand believes “the council’s decision to grant a conditionally European Perspective and candidate status should be seen as a positive sign.”

She claimed that the “door is open” and its “in the hands of your politicians” to seize this opportunity.

“May Georgians were disappointed, I have said it earlier, I was also disappointed. I understand the disappointment, but it does not mean there is no opportunity. The opportunity is there, the door is open for Georgia’s aspirations and it is in your hands, in the hands of your politicians. I will repeat, please come together, please, be above your party interests and please, start cooperating for the interest of the whole nation, because Georgian nation wants to be part of the EU and deserves to be member of the EU,” she stated.

Marina Kaljurand urged the ruling team, the opposition parties and the civil society to sit together and work on those points.

“The Georgian Dream please, continue the work you have been doing so far, please, do it in the way that all stakeholders feel that there are being listened to, that their positions are being discussed and that they are part of the process so that inclusiveness is not only on the paper but is also in real life.

My message to opposition and civil society, to those who are working in the working groups – please, continue doing that. A democratic society needs opposition, a democratic society needs the voice of civil society, and it gives you the opportunity to decide the future of the country.

And to those opposition members who have not joined the working groups – please, do it. Please, come to the working groups, please, express your positions there, because that, I am sure, is what the electorate of Georgia wants,” she stated.

Marina Kaljurand is visiting Georgian capital Tbilisi and holding meetings in the Parliament.