Important to show world Georgia's European choice unshakable, President says
Important to show world Georgia's European choice unshakable, President says

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili Monday said Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has created a new reality that has already defeated Russia’s ambitions and goals in Europe: “Ukraine’s national identity has grown and strengthened, and so has the unity of EU countries and their awareness that Europeans must watch for security and take more responsibility.”

In her speech at the conference New Security Architecture in Europe and its Impact on Georgia, the President continued: “No matter how this anachronistic war ends, the Ukrainians are already victorious. They have paid the highest price for their country’s independence and consolidated that independence.”

“It is difficult to predict by what principles will tomorrow’s Europe be guided and how it will see the geopolitical significance of different countries – Ukraine as a guarantor of stability in Central Europe, the Caucasus as a strategic bridge to the East, Russia in isolation, or the role of the Eastern Balkans in the Mediterranean. If it uses a somehow mixed criteria, how will it balance the need for expansion and the need for economic or social enhancement. Against the background of this impeding change, we need to see our place and capabilities,” she stated.

She believes “We have great prospects ahead of us as a small country given our geopolitical position and our flexibility, but if we can see and strengthen our place. We cannot determine what Russia’s reaction will be following its moral failure and isolation, which may lead to renewed aggression toward other neighbors, including Georgia, which is in danger, even through the form of a referendum.”

“Most importantly, in the face of these new opportunities and threats, we need to know what we want and how we want it, and what our values are. Most importantly, we need to show the world, even if they doubt it, that our choice to take the next steps is unshakable!

This means that with this goal, all forces must be united. Not only in word but also in action. Confrontation driven by political ambitions is not only against the interests of the country, but it ultimately hurts the trust in these parties as well!

Any step taken by the government or the opposition must serve this one purpose and must not jeopardize it. The purpose must be clear and not raise any doubts about our sincere choices and goals.

Only this way will we establish our place in Europe, will we return to our roots and to the future that truly belongs to us,” the President noted.

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