Georgian Radio celebrates 94th jubilee

Georgian Radio celebrates its 94th Jubilee. On May 23, the day of the founding of Georgian Radio is marked.

Georgian Radio started broadcasting on May 23, 1925; it was the first electronic media not only in Georgia but in the South Caucasus.

Since the day of founding, radio has been essentially a public, because it was funded by the public dues.

Georgian Radio annually introduces novelties to listeners. Radio has regained its historical name – ‘Georgian Radio’. This year, the project will be completed, as a result of which listening to the Georgian Radio will be available throughout the country. In addition, the quality of the transmission will be improved. The frequency of Georgian Radio has been move from 102.4 MHz to 102.3 MHz in Tbilisi. The goal of the changes is to enable the car owners, who could not receive frequencies ending in even numbers, to listen to the channel.

A mobile app has been developed. Users can download Georgian Radio Application from Play Store, titled “1TV Georgian Radio”. As for the App Store, the application will be available in a few days.