Georgian Dream, opposition echo MEPs joint statement on failed EU mediated talks
Georgian Dream, opposition echo MEPs joint statement on failed EU mediated talks

“We have talked about it very often, and we have always warned the authorities that this childish stubbornness game would end badly for our country and its well-being,” said Grigol Gegelia, a member of the Lelo party. He responded to the leader MEPs joint statement regarding the failed EU mediated talks in Georgia and potential suspension of financial assistance.

According to Grigol Gegelia, the Georgian government and the political subjects failed to determine the political risk. But, he believes there is a solution. It is to solve the political crisis very quickly and effectively.

Sergo Chikhladze, a member of the Strategy Aghmashenebeli, stressed that MEPs held responsible both sides but mainly the government. He believes the opposition should be more active to exercise more influence on the Georgian Dream.

“The statement reads that MEPs imposed the responsibility on both sides. However, it is clear in this message that the primary responsibility lies with the government,” Chikhladze said. 

Strategy Aghmashenebeli members regretted a phrase that refers to the review of EU-Georgia relations even more than a call for the financial sanctions.

United National Movement member Khatia Dekanoidze believes that MEPs joint statement referred to Georgian PM’s hinting that negotiations with the opposition are pointless.

“This warning referred to the statement of Irakli Garibashvili yesterday, who closed the space and said that we no longer need any negotiations, including with the involvement of mediators. It is the reality we are in today, unfortunately,” Dekanoidze said.

“The statement of seven MEPs does not represent the position of the entire European Parliament,” Givi Mikanadze, a member of the parliamentary majority, said while commenting on a joint statement on failed EU mediated talks between the government and the opposition.

According to him, the ruling team is confident that the messages voiced by seven MEPs would not be implemented, as the partners have information on what happened during the negotiations with the opposition. He added it is unfortunate that the radical opposition welcomes the MEPs statement.

Gia Volski, the first vice-speaker of the Georgian Parliament, also doubted that the statement of seven MEPs would affect the strategic direction important for Georgia and all EU countries.

“It is a very bad result that an agreement could not be reached. We were ready to sign on every point with small details. The position of seven MEPs is unclear because they are threatening to impose sanctions on Georgia instead of exploring the reasons for failed talks,” Gia Volski declared.

Nevertheless, meetings of the Political Council and the majority will be held in the office of the Georgian Dream party on Friday. A joint meeting of the opposition is scheduled for Saturday in the office of the Labor Party. Opposition representatives say they will discuss the messages related to the country’s Euro-Atlantic course.

MEPs messages need to be taken seriously, the EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell told journalists when asked about a joint statement made by MEPs. European Parliament members regretted that Georgia’s political leaders did not agree to EU mediator Christian Danielsson’s proposal and announced consequences in terms of EU-Georgia relations.

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