Occupation forces close entrance to Akhalgori
Occupation forces close entrance to Akhalgori

Representatives of the occupation forces closed the entrance to Akhalgori town at Odzisi-Mosabruni so-called checkpoint on Friday morning – State Security Service confirmed the information to Georgian First Channel.

So-called security committee of de-facto Tskhinvali said that those people, who receive their pensions on the territory controlled by the central government of Georgia, will be allowed to cross so-called “border” ones in every two months.

“Reportedly, the entrance to Akhalgori will be open in late March,” Akhalgoti Governor municipality told reporters.

The de-facto authorities of occupied Tskhinvali closed the entrance to Akhalgori on September 5 of the last year and opened it temporarily from January 24 to February 5 of this year.

The State Security Service says that with the illegal decision fundamental human rights are violated that worsens everyday life of locals residing across both sides of the occupational line and damages the difficult security situation.

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