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MPs visit occupation line
SSG works to release unlawfully detained Georgian citizen
SSG reports illegal installation along Khurvaleti village 
IPRM Group meets in Ergneti
Russian President signs law to ratify agreement on dual citizenship with South Ossetia
De-facto acting president of occupied Tskhinvali sets referendum date
Occupied Tskhinvali sends illegally detained Georgian behind bars
Czech Senate President visits occupation line
Georgian citizen unlawfully detained by occupation forces released
So-called crossing points to be open in Tskhinvali region, SSG reports
Georgian citizen unlawfully detained by occupation forces released
Russian occupation remains major threat to Georgia, SSG says
EU does not recognise "presidential elections" in occupied Tskhinvali, Ambassador Hartzell says
Occupied Tskhinvali holds "presidential elections" today
Occupied Tskhinvali preparing for a referendum on unification with Russia
In case of joining Russia, Tskhinvali region to unite with North Ossetia, so-called President Anatoly Bibilov says
Bibilov and his predecessors regularly claim that annexation was just around corner, I wouldn't call it foregone conclusion, Helsinki Commission Advisor says
Representatives of occupied Abkhazia claim 'they does not intend to join Russia'
OSCE Chairman visits occupation line in Georgia
MFA: Any agreement between occupant country and puppet regime to be void