releases the First Channel signal piratically releases the First Channel signal piratically

The First Channel releases a statement in response to the position of, according to which the company does not intend to fulfill the decision taken by the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC).

The statement of the First Channel reads as following:

“The exclusive right to broadcast the 2018 World Cup in its platforms (television, web, mobile application) is owned by the Georgian Public Broadcaster(GPB), which completely provides high quality air of the live transmissions of matches throughout the country via all possible means (satellite, terrestrial broadcast, IPTV, Web and others). Accordingly, the intention of the platform (owned by ITDC) to dispute the right on broadcast the product, license on which does not belong to it, lacks the logic.

A number of negotiations were held between GPB and Unfortunately, the company ignored all the requirements requested by the Public Broadcaster and continued usage of piratical signal.

According to the FIFA regulations, the Public Broadcaster has the right to broadcast the championship on its own platforms and at the same time follow the strict obligations under the contract (placing advertisement within the live transmissions, restricting the signals abroad (geoblocking), etc.).

The Georgian National Communication Commission has taken a decision, which states that must immediately suspend transmission of the TV channels of Public Broadcaster from an unknown source and transmit the signal provided by Public Broadcaster (after the relevant request) without modification, unchanged, as the First Channel itself defines the terms of delivery of its own content on different platforms in compliance with the principle of non-discriminatory approach.

The Public Broadcaster is obliged to protect the viewer’s right in order to fulfill its international obligations, care of country’s image and ensure the elimination of illegal and unlawful actions, especially when its concerns to exclusive product ” – the statement reads.

The representatives of the company held a press conference. According to Company they are not going to execute the GNCC’s demand on suspending the signal of the First and Second Channels of Public Broadcaster and plan to apply to the court.

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