EU delegation to visit Georgia in July, announces MEP Kaljurand
EU delegation to visit Georgia in July, announces MEP Kaljurand

European Parliament delegation will visit Georgia in July, MEP Marina Kaljurand announced following the Associated Trio meeting in Brussels on Thursday.

MEP Kaljurand said, “it was a very good meeting. There was a big interest from the EU side.”

“Three ministers came and explained the situation, so it was our first meeting in that format. I am sure it will continue, and as much as I know, there will also be a European Parliament delegation going to Tbilisi in July. Most probably, it will be in the format of the Jean Monet Dialogue,” she stressed.

MEP Kaljurand believes getting closer to the EU depends on Georgia itself.

“Because it is a format to promote your closer accession and your closer relations with the EU, so it is very much in your hands. As for the summit, we will have in December the preparations will start soon, there will be a declaration, the substance will be negotiated. What I can say at the moment, I will encourage closer cooperation with all sectors, with all fields to have as close ties with the EU as possible and maybe not too much to think about the names of different formats but to work hard on the substance,” MEP stated.

The Jean Monnet Dialogue for Peace and Democracy is an instrument developed by the European Parliament as a soft tool in the area of parliamentary mediation and dialogue, as explained by the EU.

Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani is paying a visit to Brussels on June 23-24 along with his counterparts, Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba and Moldova’s Aureliu Ciocoi.

Foreign Ministers of Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova signed a memorandum on establishing Associated Trio in Kyiv on May 17 this year aimed to enhance European integration.

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