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Georgian FM, US Ambassador meet
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US Ambassador’s remarks to media at Krtsanisi precinct 32
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US Ambassador sees election reform as inclusive, consultative process
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OSCE SG, US Ambassador, Minister Akhvlediani meet Zaza Gakheladze's family 
US Ambassador hopes UNM to enter Parliament
US Ambassador emphasizes the importance of electoral and judicial reforms
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US Ambassador: Compromise is not a sign of weakness
US want to see Georgia succeed
US Ambassador: President Biden committed to defend free nations like Georgia to choose their future
Ambassador Degnan believes parties to work effectively within parliament after agreement
US Ambassador to Georgia: Compromise deal means no one gets one hundred per cent of what they want
US Ambassador sees public broadcasting as important media outlet
US Ambassador believes parties can talk through differences in interests of Georgian citizens
US Ambassador: Parliament to be a place to bridge divides between political parties