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MP Roman Gotsiridze: Time to turn to streets
GD lawmakers, opposition MP Roman Gotsiridze verbally clashed in parliament
MP Gotsiridze: Transferring Saakashvili to prison could lead to tension
Opposition MP says UNM former Chair's party to be serious opposition formation
Opposition MPs urge to stop issuing investment, short-term residence permits to Russians
Opposition MP says unemployment decreases due to Georgians' emigration, Russians' employment
Opposition MP considers banning political parties a "fascist slogan"
Eurooptimists believe migratory processes take ominous turn
Opposition MP: Revolution to be solution if elections lose sense
Former UNM MPs form new political group in Parliament
Roman Gotsiridze quits UNM
Mikheil Saakashvili initiates blacklisting certain representatives of state bodies
UNM member: Election results to be severe blow for GD
Chairman of National Movement faction asks for being given the right to visit 2 persons detained into Davit Gareji case
Chairman of National Movement faction – Changes into election law did not solve any problem through which elections are forged
Chairman of National Movement faction – Statement of German Ambassador radically differs from statements made by EU and U.S. Ambassadors
Roman Gotsiridze: Sometimes, not only US Department of State, but God makes mistakes
Opposition to picket the gov't's buildings
Roman Gotsiridze says picketing of Parliament will be resumed from February 4
Chairman of National Movement faction puts padlock on plenary session hall