Eurooptimists believe migratory processes take ominous turn
Eurooptimists believe migratory processes take ominous turn

According to Khatia Dekanoidze and Roman Gotsiridze of the Eurooptimists political group, migration dynamics in Georgia are taking an ominous turn.

“The country is practically emptying,” Roman Gotsiridze stated at today’s news conference.

He further stated: “Our citizens who can work leave the country, and nationals of other countries filled their places. Last year, 46,397 more Georgians left than returned. It is the biggest negative migration balance in the previous 22 years of comparable data.”

According to the MP, the comparable rate in 2021 will be 40,825. The negative migration balance of Georgian citizens has reached 87,222 in the last two years, which is more than the combined population of Gori and Zugdidi. In just one year, 101,000 foreign citizens visited Georgia, including 62,000 Russians.

Gotsiridze believes that the only way to reverse this disastrous scenario is to enact sound economic policies and generate high-wage employment.