MIA clarifies Georgia-Germany agreement on migration and mobility
MIA clarifies Georgia-Germany agreement on migration and mobility

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified the details of the Agreement on Migration and Mobility signed between Georgia and Germany.

According to MIA, the agreement aims to strengthen cooperation in labour migration, education, and combating illegal migration.

It broadens the range of job opportunities available to citizens of Georgia in the German labour market, including seasonal work and sectors such as logistics, transportation, and services. Georgian students and researchers will have access to more rigorous educational and internship programs.

The agreement foresees the improvement of working conditions for Georgians already working in various European Union countries.

“The agreement aims to enhance circular migration and legal labour migration from Georgia to Germany, taking mutual interests into account. The agreement is seen as facilitating the orderly migration of the workforce and qualified personnel from Georgia,” the statement reads.

The Ministry denied incorrect information circulating in various media outlets, clarifying that the negotiation process did not involve discussions on the so-called Balkan model.

“The agreement, signed on December 19, 2023, represents a significant step forward in Georgia’s path toward European integration, and the decision of Germany to recognize Georgia as a safe country is especially welcomed,” the Ministry states.