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Viruses are typical during every winter season, NCDC Deputy Director says
Delta strain to be dominant in Georgia, NCDC says
NCDC: 18 cases of Covid Indian strain confirmed in Georgia
NCDC Deputy Head says double-jabbed citizens can ditch mask around fully vaccinated people
Double-jabbed citizens to get Vaccination Certificate
NCDC Deputy Head: Regulations to further ease if epidemiological situation stabilizes
NCDC Deputy Head hopes for better epidsituation in summer if cases do not surge in May
NCDC Deputy Head gets AstraZeneca shot live on TV
NCDC Deputy Head to be first to take COVID vaccine in Georgia
NCDC: Staff Covid testing to be precondition to open businesses
Influenza cases dwindle in Georgia
NCDC: No clinical progression difference between new and old Covid-19 strains
Deputy Head of NCDC: No much difference between new and old stains of COVID
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center - We expect stabilization of pandemic with the expansion of restrictions, the result should be in two weeks
Paata Imnadze: Seasonal flu is not yet circulating in Georgia. 90% is coronavirus
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center – Our economy will not resist lockdown, location restrictions should be expanded
Deputy Head of Diseases Control Center – Entering district shop may be more risky than voting in elections
Deputy Head of Center for Diseases Control – At the end of November, we will probably have 3000 – 4000 COVID-19 cases per day
NCDC Head says gov't discussing large-scale restrictive measures for Tbilisi
Paata Imnadze – Reality is that Coronavirus continues