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State Department Spokesperson says US sends heartfelt condolences to Georgia
GD's former MP Khundadze tells Ned Price US Embassy should work for all Georgians, not just radical opposition
Ambassador Degnan and her team committed to working with Georgian people to further their Euro-Atlantic aspirations, State Department spokesman says 
State Department Spokesperson: We support further integration of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia with their European neighbors
Ned Price says US strongly supports European ambitions of Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova
Ned Price says US continues to partner with people of Georgia as they pursue democratic, Euro-Atlantic future
US dubs NATO’s Open Door policy as important and non-negotiable
State Department calls Georgia, Moldova important partners
State Department Spokesperson: US to continue to partner with Georgia on its aspirations
U.S. not to recognize results of any effort by Russia or its proxies to divide sovereign Georgian territory
Georgians still harbor start memories of Russian aggression, US State Department Spokesperson says
US State Department Spokesperson: Russia fomented conflict against its neighbours
US urges fair treatment for ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili
US State Department Spokesman: GD’s withdrawal from April 19 Agreement risks return to political crisis
US Department says sanctions to be tool to hold accountable those responsible for human rights abuses
US Department of State committed to helping Georgia ensure agreement achieves its aspirations
U.S. Department of State on Political Developments in Georgia