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Georgia imposes new regulations for citizens from 8 countries
Coordination Council to discuss Green Pass concept
Interagency Coordination Council to discuss epidemiological situation
Lelo party calls for change among Interagency Coordination Council members
Outdoor facemask wear rule tightens from August 10
Interagency Coordination Council to discuss Covid-related regulations on August 9
Interagency Council considers stepping up mass vaccination
PM instructs relevant agencies to ensure streamlined mass vaccination
Fully Covid-19 vaccinated citizens to enjoy various benefits
Municipal transport movement to be restricted on May 3-12, intercity transport not to be limited
Georgian government launches next stage of social assistance program
Interagency Coordination Council discusses epidemiological situation, vaccination
Effective today, transport traffic will be prohibited after 10 PM in 7 large cities
Epidemiological Situation was discussed at Interagency Coordination Council’s Meeting
Georgian citizens working in Turkey will be subjected to two-week quarantine after returning to homeland
Interagency Coordination Council urges citizens to strictly adhere to rules on use of face masks and social distancing
Government created website to inform public about Coronavirus - www.stopcov.ge
Gov't actively works to bring back Georgian citizens from Iran