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Georgian, Lithuanian FMs meet
Foreign Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania release statement
Lithuanian FM says Georgia has to take objective steps, carry out reforms
Lithuanian FM: We'd like to see Georgian gov't acting more proactively to get candidate status
Lithuania not to grant asylum to fleeing Russians, FM says
Georgian Foreign Minister to visit Lithuania today
Lithuanian FM: Practical support to Georgia, Ukraine much needed
Lithuanian FM: Georgia and Georgian people have trust of other partners in the region
Lithuanian FM: Zaza Gakheladze to be immediately released
Lithuanian FM to convey to Georgian PM, FM a message of EU’s support to Georgia
Lithuanian FM underscores importance of EU-brokered agreement implementation
Lithuania to monitor EU-brokered agreement, Lithuanian FM tells opposition
Lithuanian FM: High-level dialogue to continue between Lithuania and Georgia
Parliament Speaker, Lithuanian FM meet
Lithuanian FM: Lithuania is a true friend of Georgian people and true supporter of Georgia's Trans-Atlantic aspirations
Georgian PM meets Lithuanian FM
Lithuanian Foreign Minister to visit Georgia on April 27-29
Lithuanian FM to visit Georgia
Lithuanian FM: Georgia to follow path paved in democracy
Lithuanian MFA urges Georgian politicians to refrain from actions leading to stalemate