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UNM Melia refuses to be part of organizations informally governed by figures like Merabishvili, Kezerashvili
PM concerned about Kezerashvili-funded opposition's claims to come to power
Any illegal activity should be investigated, those responsible brought to justice, EU Ambassador on Kezerashvili case
GD Chair: We demand evidence for U.S. sanctions
PM cautions European allies that meeting radical opposition, they deal with people funded by Europeans' robber
Ex-defence minister to relinquish controlling stake in Formula TV
TV Imedi: Kezerashvili met ex-Deputy Minister of Justice to discuss call centre scam issues
BBC releases film on call-centres case
Davit Kezerashvili vows to use legal leverage to prove BBC Eye Investigation 'inaccurate'
Parliament Speaker: BBC heightens doubts that ex-defence minister's money invested in politics, NGOs, media, to be stolen
BBC Eye: Georgia's ex-defence minister stands behind global scamming network
GD Chair says opposition tries to make it look Georgia helps Russia bypass sanctions
GD MP Mikanadze says disagreement in UNM deepens daily
Georgian PM addresses Parliament amid opposition MPs outcry
Freedom of speech not to be defeated, ex-Defense Minister Kezerashvili says
Defense Ministry to file lawsuit against ex-Defense Minister
The Times of Israel:  Israeli prosecutor's office plans to indict Mikhael Benimini and his three business partners.  Benimini is a close relative of Davit Kezerashvili
Davit Kezerashvili: I decided to establish new television platform, negotiations with our US and European friends started
Court found Davit Kezerashvili not guilty