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Amiran Gamkrelidze: Truck drivers undergoing COVID-19 testing at the border
Head of NCDC: If Armenian Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asks for help, we are ready to assist
Amiran Gamkrelidze: Wearing a face mask on public transport will be mandatory
Amiran Gamkrelidze – We should observe social distancing guidelines and use medical facemasks in public transport
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Epidemiological situation may worsen at any time
Amiran Gmkrelidze – Decision about resumption of public transport movement will be made soon
Head of Diseases Control Center – 67% of infected patients have already recovered
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Epidemic situation is turning to calming tendency in the country
President and Head of Diseases Control Center talked about pandemic situation
Head of Diseases Control Center addresses locals of Kakheti
Head of Diseases Control Center – There are days when the number of recovered patients exceeds number of infected persons
Doctors infected with COVID-19 amount 12.7% of total number of infected persons
Head of Diseases Control Center – Record number of tests conducted today
Amiran Gamkrelidze: 1096 tests were done in 12 laboratories today
Amiran Gamkrelidze denies reports on far more increased COVID-19 cases
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Cases of re-infection are rare, but possible
Amiran Gamkrelidze – There is still much traffic in Tbilisi, we are playing with fire
Amiran Gamkrelidze presumes that by the end of week the number of COVID-19 cases will reach up to 400 in Georgia
Head of National Center for Diseases Control presumes increase of coronavirus cases
Amiran Gamkrelidze urges citizens of Marneuli and Bolnisi to abstain from movement in those areas