Statement of First Channel regarding provocative announcements
Statement of First Channel regarding provocative announcements

Employees of the Georgian First Channel are concerned about announcements made by people affiliated with some political groups or political interests that may lead to un-prognosticated results under the conditions of the current tense situation in the country.

Former Foreign Minister Nikoloz Vashakidze and a well-known cinema critic Gogi Gvakharia were calling youngsters participating in the protest at Rustaveli Avenue for seizing the Public Broadcaster.

Such statements might be left without attention some other time as being a form of merely irresponsible freedom of expression.

Independence of Public Broadcaster is guaranteed by the Constitution but this time this has to do with the moral aspect – manipulation with emotions of youngsters and their prompting against journalists who are performing their duties during 24 hours.

We call on all citizens having some political interests not to attempt to reach their objectives at the expense of others’ rights.

Nikoloz Vashakidze and Gogi Gvakharia released statements in social network Facebook regarding the Georgian First Channel.



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