Restrictions imposed on movement by cars
Restrictions imposed on movement by cars

Movement in big cities will be restricted for all kinds of transport means on April 17-21 at the decision of Georgian government.

Movement by motorbikes and bicycles is allowed;

Restrictions also refer to transportation by taxi;

  • If persons lead economic activities, a permit can be obtained from a relevant ministry (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy); If movement is of utmost necessity, call at the hotline number 144;
  • Transportation to a job place can be provided by an employer;

Transportation for medical service is allowed in case of evident signs (childbirth, dialysis, oncology treatment); A person should obtain a document online from a medical institution, doctor;

Citizens can ask for delivery of food products or pharmaceutics goods;

Movement is prohibited in direction of cemeteries across whole territory of Georgia;

Wearing of medical facemasks is compulsory in all closed spaces (drug stores, food shops, etc);

Carrying out of agriculture works is allowed and movement is possible by tractors.



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