President Zelenskyy urges countries to join anti-war coalition
President Zelenskyy urges countries to join anti-war coalition

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has urged countries not to remain neutral and join the anti-war coalition.

In his video address, Zelenskyy said: “During this time, we have united the European Union on a new level. Higher than formal, higher than interstate.”

“Six days of war has been like thirty years. That is why the European Union is saying “yes” to us. We have kicked off a special accelerated accession procedure. Our diplomats and our friends are uniting the world for the sake of Ukraine and peace. Neutral Switzerland has backed EU sanctions against Russian oligarchs, officials, the state itself and companies. Once again: neutral Switzerland! So what are the other countries waiting for? Our anti-war coalition has already been joined by the countries that Moscow relied on a week ago. This is an extraordinary upshot. You can’t stay neutral now,” he underscored.

Ukraine’s President stated that “Russia is suffering global losses in the meantime; the Russian flag is banned from sports competitions, modern culture will be closed to Russians, banks are disconnected from the global system.”

“Russian mothers are losing their children in a foreign country. Think of this number: 6,000 Russian invaders had been killed in six days of the war in Ukraine. This is without counting losses of the enemy last night. To get what? Get Ukraine? – It is impossible. This is not to be changed by missiles, bombs, tanks, any blows. We are on our native land,” he added.

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