Tag: War in Ukraine

NATO Chief says Russia's war in Ukraine could last years
Negotiations with Russia may resume at the end of August, Ukraine declares
Ukraine's Parliament extends martial law until August 23
60 people to be likely evacuated from Azovstal, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister says
Head of Ukrainian Military Intelligence predicts defeat of Russia before end of 2022
GPB First Channel’s exclusive interview with Azov Regiment Deputy Commander
Czech Senate recognizes Russian crimes in Ukraine as genocide
U.S. continues strong support for brave Ukrainian people, President Biden says
Russia has shown what it wants and can bring to Europe, Ukrainian President says
OSCE 'concerned' over staff held in eastern Ukraine
This war can be stopped by the one who began it, Ukrainian President says
At least 6 people killed as result of Russian missile strikes on Odessa
Russian forces made no major gains in the last 24 hours, British Intelligence says
UN Chief to meet Ukrainian President on April 28
20 journalists killed during Russia’s war on Ukraine
Russia should be deprived of the possibility to terrorize neighbouring countries, Ukrainian President says
Georgia ranks 1st among 191 countries in Ukraine aid supply, Economy Ministry says
Over 4 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia's invasion
Number of Georgians wounded in Ukraine rises to 8
International donors pledge 9.1 billion Euros to support Ukrainian refugees