President: Decision on Nika Gvaramia’s pardoning in country’s interests
President: Decision on Nika Gvaramia’s pardoning in country’s interests

“I am not accountable to anyone and Saakashvili (ex-president) understood this when he was in power, now the current government sees this,” President Salome Zourabichvili said when asked about her decision to pardon Nika Gvaramia, founder of Mtavari Arkhi (Main Channel) TV.

According to Salome Zourabichvili, she was elected as an independent president and it is written in the constitution.

“It is a very wrong understanding of democracy, if someone thinks that the president is the property of the voters. A president, from the moment he/she is elected, becomes the president of all citizens, of society as a whole, which can be more or less adversarial, and I think society is much less adversarial than the political elite who take advantage of this controversy to prolong their lives – both sides.

Actually, today, the space in Georgia is completely different, there is a large majority who do not support either the current government, or the part of the opposition. They need something else, renewal, as is happening in many countries, especially in today’s world, where everything is changing so fast. I see this demand – they want renewal, they want something else. In this case, did not see that this caused much anxiety among the vast majority of the population of Georgia, what I saw at least from reactions, you probably know, my Facebook, “Messenger” is open, I read everything, I receive everything, even cursing.

I did not see much anxiety because this was a decision that is in the interests of our country, I consider it so and that’s why I took it, I didn’t take it because I enjoyed it, I didn’t take it because it wasn’t a difficult decision for me, I also want to tell you that all decisions on pardons are very difficult. It is very painful and there is no need for someone to send me Nika Gvaramia’s words about me every day, I remember it well, but this is not the main thing what he said about me.

Another thing was said about me in the parliament yesterday – a person who is not a journalist, but a parliamentarian, mentioned President with obscene words, but I tolerated it. Strategic patience is the most necessary for the President,” she said.