MasterChef – Successful TV Project of the Year

An awarding ceremony of Georgian Brands Day 2021 was held at the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel in Tbilisi. Winner companies in seven nominations were revealed during the event.

MasterChef, a mega show of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) was named as the winner in the nomination of Successful TV Project of the Year.

“MasterChef is, indeed, an outstanding project of the Georgian Public Broadcaster. Our viewers have loved it since the very first day and season. Its recognition once again is very pleasing. However, the most important thing for us is that people love this project, tens and hundreds of thousands of our viewers are looking forward to it from season to season. This award, this recognition, first of all, belongs to the First Channel and Nova Production, the team of professionals who created this project. Soon a new season will begin and we are sure that we will win recognition and people’s support again and again,” said Rusudan Manjgaladze, GPB Media Director.

“Public recognition matters of course. We have felt this from our fans more than once, but we are pleased that a certain type of reward follows all this. It is also pleasing that the success of this project is recognized in the surrounding of other professionals and colleagues. I am grateful for all this and I am happy. All awards are pleasurable, any that exist and can be received,” said Luka Nachkebia, one of the hosts of MasterChef.

Georgian Brands Day has reflected ongoing processes on the Georgian market and presented national brands at all stages of development for 19 years.


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