ISFED: Flaws detected in PVT formula
ISFED: Flaws detected in PVT formula

The non-governmental organization International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) published the verified results of the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) for the 2020 parliamentary elections in Georgia.

Based on the statement released by the ISFED, the internal audit verified the trustfulness of the information provided by election observers. However, flaws were detected in the votes’ tabulation formula.

“Together with the votes received by election entities, the invalid bulletins were also counted through which the secured votes by election entities, in percentage, have slightly changed. The difference does not affect the number of seats secured by either of the political party in the parliament,” reads the statement.

The ISFED, which monitored the entire election process, said that the 2020 parliamentary elections could be considered as the lowest-standard elections ever held for the last several years in the country that was also reflected in the 8% misbalance of protocols.

The 2020 parliamentary elections were held on October 31 in Georgia.