ISFED to file complaints
ISFED to file complaints

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) is monitoring the October 2, 2021, Municipal elections in all electoral districts across Georgia (excluding the occupied territories).

As of now, ISFED observers have filed eight complaints at precinct election commissions, ten complaints at district election commissions and have logged four entries in the record book.  The violations are as follows:

  • Restricting the right of election observers (3)
  • Procedural violation of casting lots (3)
  • Errors related to the election documentation (2)
  • Inadequate handling of election documentation (1)
  • Violations related to the ballot box control sheet (2)
  • Errors related to the voters list (1)
  • Recording of voters near polling stations (1)
  • Errors in the electronic voting pilot (1)

The watchdog published key findings for 10:00 am, saying that nearly one-fourth of the polling stations were not ready to receive voters by 8:00 am, “which is a statistically significant worsening compared to the corresponding figure from 2017.”

“Almost all ISFED observers were allowed to access the polling station and to observe the process without restrictions. However, in isolated cases, they were deprived of the right to observe the process of casting lots. Near some polling stations, ISFED observers noted the presence of the so-called coordinators, who were marking the voters who had cast their ballots. According to the observers, campaign materials are displayed within the 25-meter area from the polling stations. In several cases, ISFED observed violations of the procedures of casting lots,” ISFED noted.

ISFED has received reports on the opening of polling stations from 99% of the PVT observers covering the nationwide sample. According to the national PVT results:

  • In 99.7% of the polling stations, PVT observers were allowed to access the polling station to conduct the observation, which is statistically similar to the 2017 municipal elections (99.7%);
  • 57.9% of the polling stations had from 15 to 17 commission members present. From 9 to 14 members were on the spot at 42.0% of the polling stations, and in the remaining 0.1% of stations, the number of commission members fluctuated between one and eight;
  • In 99.6% of the polling stations, space and setup of the PEC premises allow for a full-fledged observation of the process;
  • 75.7% of the polling stations were ready to receive voters by 8:00 am, which is a statistically significant decrease compared to the 2017 elections (99.3%); 24.1% of polling stations were ready between 8:00 and 8:20 am; As of 08:20, 0.2% of the polling stations were not yet open;
  • At 99.2% of polling stations nationwide, the functions between election commission members were assigned by casting of lots, which is a minor decrease compared to the 2017 elections (99.7%);
  • In 99.9% of the polling stations, ballot boxes were sealed in accordance with the law, and in 99.7% the integrity of the packages where the Commission seals were placed.