Gov't to tighten monitoring over coronavirus rules
Gov't to tighten monitoring over coronavirus rules

The Interagency Coordination Council urges citizens to adhere to the coronavirus recommendations, wear a face mask, observe social distance rule and avoid large social gatherings. Complying with those rules will be strictly monitored.

The Council calls on the public and private sectors to work remotely and addresses the elderly people to stay home as possible.

The Council members discussed increasing coronavirus cases and the epidemic situation which is deteriorating around the world, including Georgia.

Curfew remains still in force from 9 pm to 5 am. On top of that, restaurants are not allowed to fully operate for seven days, instead, they can offer a takeaway/delivery service on weekends.

The relevant services will tighten monitoring over the people in self-isolation or quarantine, including PCR test checking in airports.

The Interagency Coordination Council also reviewed the ongoing vaccination process and stressed the importance of its further intensification.

Georgia reported 1,310 coronavirus cases, 632 recoveries, and 12 deaths on Wednesday.

Georgia’s total case tally reached 299,038, among them, 282,869 people recovered and 3,971 died.

As of today, 31,911 people got the coronavirus vaccine.

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