Final Show of 2018 JESC to be held in Minsk - Live stream on the First Channel at 19:00, today

The audience will have opportunity to view the live transmission of the Final Show of 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) on the First Channel, at 19:00, today.

The 16th Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) will be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, today.

The live stream of the show will be also available on the web page of the First Channel.

Tamar Edilashvili, the winner of the musical project “Ranina” of First Channel, will present Georgia at 2018 JESC.

Edilashvili will perform the song “Your Voice” at the competition. Author of the song is Sopho Toroshelidze. The text belongs to Aleksandre Lortkipanidze.

Tamar Edilashvili was evaluated by the international jury at a dress rehearsal yesterday. The points remain anonymous before Final Show. The public vote counts for 50% of the final result, the other 50% comes from the juries.

Online voting for favorite contenders of 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) continues. Voting is available on the web page, the audience will have the opportunity to vote online in support of their favorite contender, no more than 5 candidates, including its own country’s song.

Georgian contender of JESC calls on TV viewers for support.