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Anastasia & Ranina to perform on 2023 JESC stage Number 10
Nice to host JESC 2023 on November 26
GPB Dir/Gen: Mariam Bigvava competed against many good performers at JESC. 3rd place 'important success'
GPB employees, Ranina participants greet Georgia’s JESC contender Mariam Bigvava
Georgian contender ranks among top 3 in JESC 2022
Mariam Bigvava's impressive performance at JESC 2022
JESC 2022 to be held today - Vote for Georgia
Junior Eurovision 2022 voting opens now 
GPB premiers Georgian JESC contender's song video
Mariam Bigvava wins Ranina's 5th season, presents Georgia at JESC 2022
Georgian JESC contender to get number two on stage
Nikoloz Kajaia to present Georgia at JESC 2021
Poland's Roksana Węgiel is the winner of Junior Eurovision 2018
Performance of Tamar Edilashvili at JESC Final Show [Video]
Final Show of 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) - Live Stream
Final Show of 2018 JESC to be held in Minsk - Live stream on the First Channel at 19:00, today
Online voting for JESC contenders starts from 23:00 Tbilisi time, November 23
Presentation of video clip of JESC entry song “Your Voice” held
Presentation of video clip of JESC entry song “Your Voice” to be held on October 9
Upon jury's decision, Tamar Edilashvili will perform "Your Voice" at 2018 JESC