EU Ambassador hopes Georgia gets EU candidate status
EU Ambassador hopes Georgia gets EU candidate status

Progress in implementing the European Commission’s 12 recommendations was addressed on Monday during meetings with the chairs of Georgian parliamentary committees, EU Ambassador to Georgia Pawel Herczynski told the media.

“Today, I had a very busy day in the Georgian parliament. I visited several chairs of the parliamentary committees. Actually, I will see all the chairs of all parliamentary committees. I have started with the Committee on European Integration, Committee of Foreign Affairs, Human Rights Committee and Legal Committee.

We have discussed the ongoing work on the implementation of the so-called 12 priorities, and in more general, we have discussed the approximation of Georgia with European standards and European principles, because, at the end of this year, first the European Commission, and then the European member states will assess the progress made by Georgia and will decide on further steps when it comes to Georgia’s aspiration to join European Union,” EU Ambassador stated.

Pawel Herczynski hopes that the decision on candidate status will be positive by the end of the year. He pledges that the EU embassy will do everything possible to assist Georgia in this process.

“As EU Ambassador in Georgia, of course, we will do our best in order to help, in order to assist in this process, hoping for a positive outcome at the end of this year. And a positive outcome means another step of Georgia towards EU membership, namely the candidate status. So, we are not only keeping our fingers crossed, but we are also ready to help and assist both the Georgian government, as well as all the work that is ongoing in the parliament in order to make it happen,” he added.