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GD Chair meets EU Ambassador
Ambassador Herczyński says violence not acceptable 
EU Ambassador: It's up to Georgians to decide what laws they have in their country
EU Ambassador: Georgia is not on agenda for discussions at EP
EU Ambassador: Transparency of Foreign Influence bill incompatible with EU norms and values
EU Ambassador urges Georgia to accelerate progress on accession roadmap
EU Ambassador: Free and fair elections, electoral processes are essential for any democratic country
Ambassador Herczyński: EU sees a need for integrity checks of top judges with participation of foreign experts
Ambassador Herczyński: We see commitment, dedication, legislative initiatives, but there are open issues where we need to sit down and discuss
EU Ambassador congratulates Georgia on qualifying for European Championships 
EU Ambassador expresses hope for Georgia's progress towards accession negotiations
Ambassador Herczyński: Addressing 9 steps is not to "please Brussels” but to improve people's lives, bring Georgia closer to EU standards
EU Ambassador: Political leaders should work constructively to address people's European aspirations
EU Ambassador: MEPs free to express their views 
Ambassador Herczyński hopes EU-Georgia relations to further increase with candidate status
EU-funded study demonstrates Georgia's leadership in SME development, says Ambassador
PM meets EU Ambassador
EU Ambassador: NGOs play pivotal role in ensuring values that EU and Georgia share
Ambassador Herczynski: EU welcomes inviting OSCE/ODIHR election observers for long-term mission 
EU Ambassador stresses importance of free and fair elections