Lasha Talakhadze became World Best Weightlifter for the second time in a row – Awarding Ceremony from Kobuleti [photo/video]

Under the auspices of the International Federation of Weightlifting (IWF) the awarding ceremony of the best weightlifter of 2018, Olympic, World and European Champion and world record-holder Lasha Talakhadze has been held in Kobuleti today.

Olympic, World and European Champion, 2018 best female athlete Lydia Valentin from Spain has been awarded as well. She gained the status of the best female weightlifter for the third time this year.

As a reminder, the world best male and female weightlifters of the year were revealed through the online voting conducted on the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) website. About 30 000 people participated in the voting. Georgian sportsman Lasha Talakhadze was named as the best among men. The Georgian weightlifter received approximately 17,800 votes. In the women’s voting Lidia Valentin (ESP) went to the first among the women, receiving nearly 13,000 clicks.

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