Georgia intensifies COVID-19 testing
Georgia intensifies COVID-19 testing

The antigen testing program will be expanded in Georgia stating December 3, Tamar Gabunia, Deputy Health Minister announced.

According to Gabunia, mainly big cities will engage in intensified testing. Symptomatic patients with respiratory difficulties, fever and other symptoms will undergo the testing first.

Patients should contact the family physician to appoint a visit. COVID-19 testing may be done at home under special circumstance, in case of a prior agreement with a clinic. This refers to persons with limited physical capabilities and chronic diseases.

“Up to 250 institutions across the country are participating in the universal healthcare program. There are about 80 such institutions in Tbilisi, 50 in Kutaisi and approximately nine in Batumi. There are polyclinics involved in the COVID-19 diagnostics in other big cities as well. The coverage is wide, there should be no problem with geographical access,” Tamar Gabunia said.

The program of intensive testing will last for two months. Up to 20 thousand tests will be conducted daily.

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