Georgian Dream took initiative to hold 2020 parliamentary elections under proportional system - Bidzina Ivanishvili stated

“Georgian Dream” has taken the initiative to hold the 2020 parliamentary elections under a proportional system, with zero electoral threshold. The Chairperson of the party “Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia” Bidzina Ivanishvili made the relevant announcement at the briefing today.

“I would like to remind that the ‘Georgian Dream’ was the initiator of the constitutional reform, regarding the transfer to the proportional system, as it better responds to multi-party democracy’s needs.  However, it was also decided that transition to this electoral system would be better in 2024, as it would allow strengthening of parties, more consolidation, and competitiveness. This is why we chose 2024 as the optimal term, especially given into account that the current mixed electoral system is absolutely democratic, which has been tested in many traditional democratic countries. However, life constantly brings changes and a responsible political force must adequately respond to challenges and hear the public voice. We see that society demands changes and this initiative provides grounds for such changes”, – Ivanishvili stated.

The sitting of the Political Council of the party has been held today at the Georgian Dream’s office, after which the session of the majority took place.

Conduct of proportional elections in 2020 was one of the main demands of the protest ongoing at Rustaveli Avenue in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi.

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