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Davit Bakradze: We saved proportional electoral system
Andrius Kubilius believes the proportional system can bring more balanced election results
Leader of Development Movement – Proportional system of elections was the instrument to calm down situation in Georgia
Leader of parliamentary majority – Georgia should move onto proportional system of elections after 2020 parliamentary polls
Sitting of parliamentary majority being held at Georgian Dream Party office
Louisa Vinton - We expect that promise on moving to proportional system will be delivered on
Adam Kinzinger – I hope that situation over proportional system of elections will be settled soon
Chairman of Georgian Dream – I am disappointed that our initiative was not fulfilled
EU Ambassador says that non-fulfillment of promise will increase polarization in the run-up to 2020 elections
PM – Proportional system of elections is an essential step for country’s democratic development
Sitting of Parliamentary Majority to be held at central office of Georgian Dream Party
Lawmakers holding discussions over proposed Constitutional changes
Grigol Vashadze - Either 2020 elections will be conducted under proportional system, or we take to streets
Christian Urse – We have expectation that promise about transformation onto proportional system of elections will be met
Tbilisi Mayor – Work is launched on formation of Georgian Dream’s election list
Parliament starts discussions on Constitutional changes
Constitutional Bill to be initiated at Bureau sitting today
Archil Talakvadze and members of the parliamentary majority met with opposition
Constitutional Bill to be initiated at Bureau sitting tomorrow
Parliament plans to convene Extraordinary Sessions from July 29