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GD Chair vows to protect any bullied judge
US Embassy: Today’s ruling calls into question Georgia’s commitment to rule of law
US Embassy: Americans and Georgians are built for long-term partnership, we look forward to next decades of US-Georgian cooperation
US Embassy hands over equipment to Defense and Internal Affairs Ministries
US Embassy: Discovery of historical coin to prove Georgia’s being part of European family
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US Embassy statement on CEC rule revisions
US condemns violent, seemingly politically motivated attacks in Dmanisi and Rustavi, US Embassy says
US Embassy to call on Russia to reverse its recognition of Abkhazia, South Ossetia
US Embassy to congratulate Hepatitis C Elimination team on receiving award from CDC
US Embassy: US to be deeply disturbed by GD’s withdrawal from April 19 Agreement
US Embassy to be disappointed with approval of Supreme Court judiciaries
US Embassy: Georgia, Ukraine, and Kosovo are the first three European countries to receive vaccines from US
US Embassy: Agreement to be a significant step, US committed to assisting Parliament to ensure it achieves its aspirations
US Embassy hands over modern inspection equipment to Patrol Police
US Ambassador addresses Georgians on Soviet Occupation Day
US Embassy congratulates Georgia on anniversary of first Constitution
US Embassy calls to avoid violence
US Embassy on court ruling for UNM Chair
Georgian officials, US Ambassador tour Maro Makashvili Wounded Warrior Rehabilitation Center