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U.S. Embassy congratulates Georgians on Mother Language Day
U.S. Embassy: Advancing Kremlin-inspired laws to be incompatible with desire for EU integration
U.S. Embassy mourns tragic deaths in recent shooting in Sagarejo
U.S. Embassy says Gvaramia’s continued imprisonment puts at risk Georgia’s European future
U.S. Embassy: We remember how it began, we remember this day, we will stand with Georgia!
U.S. Embassy looks into reports about incident on Embassy's territory
Georgia Hepatitis Elimination Program Report highlights progress towards HCV, HBV elimination, U.S. Embassy says 
US supported Georgia's judiciary for 30 years through various programs, US Embassy says
Georgia carries out judicial reform with support of U.S., MP Okhanashvili says
U.S. Embassy statement on Supreme Court Appointments
U.S. Embassy to extend heartfelt condolence to those affected by Batumi incident
U.S. Embassy Statement on 2021 Georgian Municipal Elections
US condemns attacks on journalists
U.S. Embassy releases statement on TV Pirveli
U.S. Embassy on UNM Chair’s arrest
U.S. Embassy condemns Tskhinvali Court's ruling
US Embassy echoes ECHR judgment in 2008 Russia-Georgia war case
Statement by United States Embassy and Delegation of the European Union to Georgia
U.S. Embassy: It’s very important that as officials begin to count ballots, supporters of all political parties respect work of election officials, show that this election meets international standards
U.S. Embassy allocates $ 506,000 for second phase of Jvari Monastery’s Conservation