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IRI: 53 per cent of Georgians believe 2020 parliamentary elections to be free, fair and transparent, 35 per cent disagree
IRI: 69 per cent of Georgians believe USA to be most important partner of Georgia
IRI: Army, church, media lead in Georgian institutions and organizations rating
IRI: Patriarch Ilia II, Giorgi Gakharia, Kakha Kaladze lead among Georgian politicians and public figures
IRI: 33 per cent of Georgians definitely do not support opposition demand for snap elections
IRI: 35 per cent of Georgias to vote for GD and 18 per cent to UNM if elections to be held this Sunday
IRI: 65 per cent of Georgians believe economy and unemployment to be most important problem
GPB publishes regional television audience survey
According to survey, Georgian First Channel's news reporting is distinguished, does not incite additional negative emotions observed on other TV channels
IRI: Army and Church lead in credibility rating
IRI: 23% would vote for GD and 15% for UNM if elections were held coming Sunday
IRI: Church and army lead in credibility rating
IRI: majority of respondents  believes that Georgian government should officially congratulate Ukrainian Church for gaining autocephaly
Disputable survey about Georgian First Channel
NDI - Support toward EU and NATO membership increased
NDI to publish political part of the public survey on August 1
NDI to present the results of the survey tomorrow
NDI: 31% answered Georgian Dream is closest party for them, while UNM received 10%