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GPB First Channel Statement
GD Chair: Georgian state not to cooperate with people who do not recognize this state
GPB statement regarding developments in Dmanisi
Patriarchate asks to differentiate Namakhvani HPP and Davit Gareji issues
Grigol Vashadze applies to all parties – We should relocate the process to negotiations table and replace street protests with floor of all-level legislative bodies
Statement by United States Embassy and Delegation of the European Union to Georgia
Security Council - We should not admit that amid the crisis situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, certain destructive elements, both inside and outside Georgia, cast shadow to our friendship and historic experience
Statement of GPB Board of Trustees
U.S. Embassy released statement on death of George Floyd and protests in the U.S.
Diseases Control Center – Irresponsible and wrong voice message is distributed in social network
NATO-Georgia Commission Statement: NATO and Georgia should refresh Substantial Package in 2020
Co-Chairmen of Geneva International Discussions release statement
Another Disinformation Campaign Against Georgian Public Broadcaster - Statement
US, five European countries issue statement on the occasion of 11th anniversary of August war at UN Security Council
Patriarchate – Statement of Putin should become certain challenge for government, scientists and every citizen
Statement of Georgian First Channel
Ministry of Economy – Increasing demand on electricity should be satisfied by local production
Patriarchate urges investigation for publicizing so-called Cyanide Case materials
Political Board of Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia releases statement
President releases statement