European Integration Committee Chair: We should openly say No to Russian occupation
Speaker meets OSCE PA President
OSCE PA calls on Russia for immediate, unconditional withdrawal of military forces from Georgia's occupied regions
OSCE PA endorses amendments to resolution on Georgia's occupied territories
OSCE PA visits ABL near Tskhinvali region
Lights turned off in Polish Sejm in solidarity with Ukraine
OSCE PA delegation head says Russia established apartheid regime in occupied regions
OSCE PA urges Russia to end its occupation of Abkhazia, Tskhinvali and engage constructively in GID
Nikoloz Samkharadze elected as OSCE PA Committee Chair
European Integration Committee Chair takes part in OSCE PA
Parliamentary delegation to participate in OSCE PA Annual Session
Domestic, regional challenges in focus during OSCE PA visit to Georgia
Salome Zurabishvili: Electoral environment is safe and free in Georgia
OSCE PA to observe parliamentary elections in Georgia
Georgian Parliamentary Delegation to participate in the OSCE PA Winter Session
Gigi Tsereteli elected as President of OSCE PA for the second term
Sophio Katsarava: despite impediments from Russia, the OSCE PA has approved our resolution with majority of votes
Russian MP declares that resolution prepared by Georgia might be an attempt to continue conflict that arose in Tbilisi
Sophio Katsarava: Our resolution was adopted by a majority of votes
Deputy Foreign Minister – Resolution of OSCE PA is about human rights of locals residing across occupied territories