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Georgia's Ambassador to Germany expects PM's visit to strengthen Germany's support for Georgia
Ambassador Izoria says Germany strong supporter of Georgia's EU integration 
Georgia-Germany Migration Agreement important step on nation's EU path, Levan Izoria says
Georgian Ambassadors in EU to meet in Berlin
Georgia's Ambassador to Germany says PM to hold high-level meetings, participate in regional security panel discussion within MSC
Georgian Ambassador to Germany says PM to voice foreign priorities at MSC 2022
Levan Izoria resigns, expected to serve as Ambassador to Germany 
Georgian soldiers killed in Shindisi remembered
Levan Izoria: Even when it is hard emotionally to listen to statements from Russia, we should implement the main strategic tasks with common sense
Large-scale multinational military exercise Agile Spirit 2019 to be held on July 27-August 9
Levan Izoria met Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels
Levan Izoria: There has never been such recognition of Georgia by NATO, as we have today
Levan Izoria – 3-year frame-agreement to be signed with US in defense sphere
Levan Izoria: To the question whether Tskhinvali was bombed when the city was sleeping, my answer is “no”
Levan Izoria: Javelin system has been fully purchased and delivered to Georgia
Acting US Defense Secretary sends letter to Georgia’s Defence Minister
Levan Izoria: We have unprecedented dynamics in terms of deepening NATO-Georgia cooperation
Levan Izoria will meet Jens Stoltenberg and  Rose Gottemoeller
Levan Izoria: Flats will be allocated to military personnel with whom the state has obligation
Georgia and France sign contract on purchase of anti-aircraft management and control system