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Patriarchate hopeful Davit Gareji issue to resolve
PM Garibashvili discusses David Gareji issue with President Aliyev, agree to continue dialogue
Priest Giorgi Zviadadze urges government to be careful during negotiations with Azerbaijan
Georgian March visits Davit Gareji, kicks off protest
Prosecutor: Davit Gareji defendants face 15 years in prison
Defendant: Davit Gareji requires more reflection
Citizens Party: Negotiations to result in release of Davit Gareji case defendants
Patriarchate: Davit Gareji is Georgian land. If there was illegal alienation of territories, it is crime against nation 
Archil Talakvadze: We are aware of responsibility to conduct legal, transparent investigation into Davit Gareji case
US Ambassador on David Gareji case: Investigation is underway, therefore, it would not be right for me to make any statement
Two persons detained into Davit Gareji case imposed imprisonment
Tbilisi Mayor – Issue of Davit Gareji is Georgia’s domestic affair and its politicizing is unacceptable
Foreign Minister says that Azerbaijan was informed about ongoing investigation into Davit Gareji issue
Foreign Minister – We obtained firm arguments to talk about Davit Gareji within the framework of Georgia-Azerbaijan joint commission
Foreign Minister - New cartographic materials obtained as part of delimitation-demarcation process of Georgian-Azerbaijani border can change 2006-2007 agreement
Members of Davit Gareji Protection Committee hold protest
Catholicos Patriarch – We hope that issue of Davit Gareji will be resolved through brotherly affection and fairly
Ana Dolidze urges Government to declare Davit Gareji as protected area
Davit Zalkaliani to arrive at Parliament today
Archil Talakvadze: We have further agreements on Davit Gareji issue ahead