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De-facto acting president of occupied Tskhinvali sets referendum date
Occupied Tskhinvali preparing for a referendum on unification with Russia
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De-facto president of occupied Tskhinvali region tests positive on coronavirus
Vladimir Putin congratulated the separatist leader Anatoly Bibilov on so-called Republic Day
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Anatoly Bibilov urged residents of the occupied region not to “panic”
Vladimir Putin met Anatoly Bibilov in Kremlin
Bibilov turns down to open crossing points
According to Osseetian media, doctor Gaprindashvili was pardoned by Anatoly Bibilov
De-facto South Ossetian President demands removal or Georgian Checkpoint in Chorchana
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De facto Tskhinvali officials allow residents of Akhalgori to cross the occupation line for medical care
De facto regime of occupied Tskhinvali to open block post in Tsnelisi village
Bibilov says speculation around Tatunashvili’s death is linked with pre-election campaign in Georgia
Mamuka Mdinaradze : Bibilov's statement is absolutely unacceptable
Co-chairmen of Geneva negotiations left Tskhinvali
Patriarchate expects explanation about meeting of Bibilov with Serbia’s Patriarch
De-facto President of occupied Tskhinvali and Russian President meet in Kremlin