Voter turnout in by-elections for 17:00 at 24, 47%
Voter turnout in by-elections for 17:00 at 24, 47%

The voter turnout in the April 29 by-elections and snap elections in 10 municipalities of Georgia for 5 pm amounted to 24,47% (45 285 voters from 185 056 cast their ballots), with the highest 41,4% observed in Tsageri.

According to Spokesperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Natia Ioseliani, the elections are going on in a peaceful environment.

Natia Ioseliani said that the vote tabulation procedure would begin after polling stations closed at 8 pm.
Chairpersons of district stations would print out preliminary results based on the data compiled from those polling stations where the balloting was held with the use of electronic technologies.

The results and summing protocols from polling stations where the voting was held through a traditional rule, will be gradually uploaded on the CEC website: Any interested stakeholder will be able to follow and monitor the process.

The CEC Spokesperson reported that only one violation was registered in the Poti Election Commission that would be discussed in the law-set term.