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Restoration works underway in Ozurgeti's landslide-hit villages
Death toll in landslide-hit Shovi rises to 32
Lanchkhuti municipality's water supply restored
62 citizens safely evacuated by rescuers in Guria region
Mayor reports evacuation of 50 families in Lanchkhuti amid natural disaster response
Damage assessment ongoing in Supsa village, Guria
Environment agency deploys teams for comprehensive assessment of Guria disaster site
MIA employs drones to monitor disaster-affected area in Guria
Rescuers find one more body in disaster-affected area in Guria
MIA alerts citizens in Guria region amidst flooding
One body found, two missing after flooding in Guria region
Emergency Services launch search operation for three missing individuals in flood-hit Guria region
Heavy rainfall causes problems in Guria, Georgia
State vows support for farmers hit by hail in Kakheti
Racha Governor: Search efforts for missing persons continue in Shovi
Cleaning works going on at Shiomghvime Monastery 
Safety measures ensure no injuries in Sachkhere-Oni road landslide, Roads Department Chief says
Land slope collapse in Racha caused damage to central highway, Oni Deputy Mayor says
Oni Mayor: Search efforts for two missing persons continue
Racha Governor: Rescue efforts expand to Gumathesi