UNM to rally on May 15
UNM to rally on May 15

The United National Movement (UNM) party vows to hold a protest rally on May 15.

UNM member Zaal Udumashvili says signing a compromise paper with the government does not mean the opposition parties would not attend the rally. “But, it is a subject of negotiations,” he noted.

Udumashvili believes the amnesty issue in paper is vague and urges the parties to abstain from signing it.

“Yesterday we heard two different versions of this bill from the government and the opposition. It is possible that the amnesty law could cover those who gave orders during the June 20 protest. Besides, linking bail to amnesty is unimaginable as those are two different things. The amnesty law must protect the rights of demonstrators who participated in the June 20 protest,” Udumashvili said.

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