UNM: Opposition starts protests if no new elections
UNM: Opposition starts protests if no new elections

“Either Ivanishvili appoints new elections, or the opposition would start preparing for peaceful but evident protests,” Nika Melia, a member of the United National Movement party, told reporters after an opposition meeting at the Labor Party office.

According to him, the election fraud gathers politicians in the offices of the Lelo or Labor Party.

“Look at the people gathered here. We hardly have anything in common. Injustice and election fraud brought us together. Election fraud is what unites us, and indeed, we have an incredible result, the opposition did not legalize the elections that Ivanishvili has stolen. The opposition will strengthen its efforts and struggle until new elections are held. We discussed this today, and we have a plan,” Nika Melia told journalists.

“There will be a plan. There is a plan, but you do not need to know it now. The main thing is, either Ivanishvili appoints elections, or the opposition prepares for the peaceful but evident protests.

“When you abolish all institutions when you have a one-man parliament when the judiciary no longer exists, the protest in society is growing, so you should not be surprised if this dissatisfaction may transform into a peaceful revolution,” Nika Melia declared.