UNM Chair urges to reject impulsive and emotional decisions
UNM Chair urges to reject impulsive and emotional decisions

“We must unite, reject impulsive and emotional decisions, take the necessary steps for the future of our country and turn the crisis into an opportunity,” Nika Melia, the Chairman of the United National Movement, published an open letter from the prison.

“The process, mediated by Charles Michel, is the greatest chance to overcome the political deadlock and open a new opportunity door. We should fully utilise the support and efforts of our friends and not squander this benevolence. The oligarchic government must unconditionally take the steps that our Western partners are calling for,” Melia wrote in his letter.

According to UNM Chair, Georgia needs a new coalition government.

“We need a new coalition government elected in new elections that will have a mandate of public confidence and will be able to solve the challenging problems with new strength and energy. We have gone through the most difficult thirty years of independence, endured unspeakable difficulties and constantly moved forward – sometimes by small steps, sometimes by great leaps,” Melia noted.

UNM Chair Nika Melia was arrested on February 23 following a special operation by the Ministry of Interior.