PM addresses university entrants 
PM addresses university entrants 

Georgian Prime Minister addressed the university entrants and wishes them success.

“Dear university entrants, I would like to wish success to all of you at every step of the unified national examinations and on the path of life chosen by you.

I am confident that you will have a say in our country’s development and progress, and you will make full use of your knowledge and experience to create a better future.

Given the modern world’s new challenges and increasingly progressing demands, our country sets its hope on talented, hardworking, and committed young people like you.

For our part, the Government of Georgia will continue making sure that you enjoy better education opportunities and a safe future.

Also, I would like to express profound gratitude to everyone ensuring the high-level organization of the examination process, those who have spared no effort to secure a peaceful and beneficial environment for university entrants.

I congratulate you in advance on passing this far-reaching phase in your lives,” PM states.